Giddy Up is a company that was created to fulfill a need. That need is affordable and reliable technology services for individuals and businesses alike, at a reasonable price!

While there are many ’big box’ technology services that are eager to nickel and dime you to resolve an issue, Giddy Up strives to be a personable and dependable company that solves your technology issues at an affordable price! We understand that technology is a crucial part of everyday life and that when you run into troubles, emptying your wallet is the last thing you want to do to get back up and running.

Our goal is to be able to help you get back in business, no matter how big or small the problem, and help you feel good about it. Please contact us with any questions you may have. We want you to feel confident and comfortable that our services are right for you!

We also offer recycling of no longer needed electronics and ink. We are proud to refurbish and donate able computers and devices to reputable charities and individuals in need.